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1000 Islands Soap Company

Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Jar of 6 Shower Steamers! 

Directions: Place a single steamer in your shower in an area out of direct contact with water. The shower steamer will fizz as the steam of the shower activates it, releasing a blend of therapeutic essential oils that turns your home shower into a spa experience! 

Snotty Free: Eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol.

Anti-Germ: Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, Clove. 

Stress Relief: Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Chamomile.

Me, Myself & I: Frankincense, Lavender.

Hang Over: Ginger, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint. 

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