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1000 Islands Soap Company

KD Cloth

KD Cloth

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CLEAN GREEN. Wet it, wring it and wipe any surface: Streak-free, spot-free, and lint-free. Absolutely, positively never streaks glass, mirrors or windows! Never use window cleaner again. KD Cloth is environmentally conscious and incredibly effective. It's a versatile tool that can help you clean any hard surface—quickly and easily. Plus, it won't leave streaks or spots behind—so you'll get perfect results every time.

REMOVES: Bugs, Tar, Grease, Fingerprints, Brake Dust, Soap Scum, General Dirt and Dust.


Use ONLY water!


Machine wash with detergent. Air dry only. No fabric softener.

*This product is resold by 1000 Islands Soap Company, it is not produced.

Ecofriendly | Clean Green | Kingston, ON, CA

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